1. High Horses

From the recording Half and half

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High Horses

Behind the glass with a hand full of stones
Are those who only see one side
These are the folk with the loudest voices
Shouting from a very narrow mind

What are you doing on your high horses
Take a good look around
All of the little folk that you walked on
Lining up just to take you down
What are you doing on your High Horses
You’re so busy looking down
You hypocrites are so self righteous
You’re standing on shaky ground

Every one of every colour and creed
Has something they keep inside
A secret feeling preconceived
Until they encounter an open mind


Little children you can be different
Leave the crowd behind
Never criticize, never judge
You never know who you may inspire


We all got our high horses
We look good on our High Horses
See the world from our high Horses
Looking down from our High Horses