From the recording Half and half

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Open Listen Love Learn

When you're open the world's open to you
When you use your ears folks will listen too
So take each encounter and love each one in turn
Grab every opportunity and hold her


Open, listen, love, learn
Taste, touch, feel and yearn
Open listen love learn
Wonder, ask, believe and see
Find the light in everyone, no matter how deep
And if all else fails trust, love, forgive, repeat

When true love speaks
Grit your teeth and hold your tongue
If she drives you crazy
You know you've found the right one
Break your back to make her happy
You may never succeed
She has problems, she don't need you to fix them


So wake up now and decide your day
Live the laws of attraction don't wish and wait
Dream it like it's happening, knowing it will come
Help everyone you find that needs your love


And if all else fails live, love, free