From the recording Seize The Moment

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My wife and I lead a busy family life. It?s hard to find a moment for us. When you love and desire someone that much, there is so much you want to do and say in that one moment.


I never once thought to pretend <br />
That our lives were a perfect blend&nbsp;<br />
And all we have are moments<br />
That is where love lives<br />
We work 'til we pick up the kids<br />
We eat we sleep we start again<br />
And our love is in there in between<br />
When I can fit you in<br />
<br />
Chorus<br />
I'm seizing this moment&nbsp;<br />
While there is still time<br />
For the love of my life<br />
Before life gets in the way<br />
But not today<br />
I'm still in love with you<br />
You don't know my desires<br />
You will tonight<br />
Let love begin<br />
<br />
Our live is caught in real life<br />
Yet still so very much alive<br />
But at this very moment<br />
You don't know<br />
That you still light a fire in me<br />
My eyes know you intimately<br />
If you knew what you do to me<br />
You'd blush from head to toe<br />
<br />