Welcome our new soloists to the Paddygrass family!

I am a lucky man to share Paddygrass with so many talented musicians. It's also exciting to discover new talent and wonder, "What would they bring to Paddygrass?" So it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to our new players. 

Molly Noyes is a wonderful traditional Irish flute and uilleann pipe player. She has a beautiful tone on both instruments and brings a new magic to our shows.

Sara Fritchen is a concert flute player that combines Jazz and Irish influences together to weave a story in every improvisation. 

Leah Redding is a classically trained violinist that fell in love with Irish music. You can hear grace and passion in every measure she plays.

Paddygrass is a constellation of many stars. It's not about any one person, it's about the sound, the experience and the stories shared through music. So come see our next few shows and welcome our new stars to the Paddygrass family.

I need to thank Cassandra Forbes for her skill and creativity with a camera. Gilded lens photography

Also thanks to Jennifer McClellan for her fine work creating our logo and branding.

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