The Apostle's Mead is almost brewed!

Latest News:
We are almost done recording extra parts and backing vocals. They really add a nice finish to the live set. Our bonus studio track "Oh Happy Day" is a real folked up version of a Gospel classic and is easily among the best material we have ever recorded! I'm designing the cover with great pictures taken by our friend Christian Tomsey of Blackthorn Folly (another great Irish Band)
The cover will feature a chalice designed by Vince Meuhlbauer of The Potters Shop and locally sourced mead thanks to White Winter Winery . We hope to release this new CD some time in February... I can't wait! Check out our youtube channel  for some of the "Raw" live video shot by our friend Brian Theisen on the night.
It's all coming together into a fine brew and I cant wait to share it with you....


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