Thanks to Jack Baker at Rampant Lion, Paddygrass is in the "Irish American News"!

Jack Baker was one of the first friends I made when I entered the Irish Music scene in Midwest America. I couldn't have been more lucky with my choice of friends. Recently, I gave him a few copies of our latest CD to sell in his store Rampant Lion . He also writes a music column "Piping it in" for the Irish American News. America's premiere source for all the best in Irish Culture. Paddygrass is honored with his stellar review of our latest CD. "Rooted", celebrating 10 years of our best Irish Music.

Thanks Jack for your kind words
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I have been particularly blessed to be able to listen to and know so many artists. One fellow who has been a joy and delight to know and to listen to is Derek Byrne and his band Paddygrass (www. Derek lives now in Milwaukee and has been a ray of sunshine on the music scene in that fair city as long as he’s been there. His band is a unique blend of influences, Irish, to be sure, and bluegrass and gospel. They have a unique sound, one that I really enjoy. It’s always a pleasure to 
find musicians who have the courage to go where the music takes them. Their new cd, “Rooted; 10 years of our best Irish music”, is their best effort yet, with 16 tracks of 
their most favorite Irish songs, and it is a cracker, to be sure. In the mix are several “rebel” songs, “A Nation Once Again”, “The Foggy Dew”, “The Rising of the Moon” and they are done so well that it gets the blood to pumping. These are songs you’ve heard done more times than you care to think but I doubt you’ve heard them done better. Great musicians, great singing and a genuine love for the music combine to produce one fine cd that you’ll treasure in your collection and find yourself playing 
when your spirits need a boost. Damn, but it cheers me to hear a cd like this.

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