Paddygrass is at a new venue near you. We need you there!

We are delighted to be performing at Dugout 54. Back in the day this was an Irish establishment called Derry Hegarty's, then it became Burke's Irish Castle. Now it's been turned into a beautiful gastropub with an amazing selection of craft beers. It's our job to bring Irish music back to this great venue. They've taken a risk on us. Now we are asking you to back us up. Call your friends, assemble your wolf pack, get the posse together. We promise to put on our best show and sing all your favorite Irish drinking songs. The Paddygrass players joining me that night will be James Reilly on Flute, Randy Gosa on Trad guitar and Randy Foat on Cajon and Djembe.

This will be a night to remember, here's the details:

Saturday October 7th 8pm  
Dugout 54 (Back Bar)  
5328 West Bluemound   


Can we count on you?

Join us for a pint and a song

Derek and Paddygrass

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