Kickass Celtic Bluegrass

My Story:
I left Ireland at the age of 21 and toured the world with Riverdance as a singer and musician for 6 years. I met my wife Carrie backstage in Milwaukee. After a 3 year  long distance love, we settled here and I've been a feature of the Irish Scene since 2001. I write songs inspired by the love of my wife and children and my love for Ireland.
My Show:
If you want foot stomping traditional Irish drinking songs, Bluegrass standards and Gospel singalongs, I'm your man. In my solo show, I loop hand drums live, creating a band on the spur of the moment. The crowd loves this, they see it happen "live" and it's different every time. Otherwise I get the crowd singing with just my voice, banjo and harmonica.
My Band:
Paddygrass is an Irish, Bluegrass and Gospel jam band. We can build a whole show around any of those genres. Depending on your budget,  we can be anything from a duo to a six piece. We sing in 4 part harmony and everyone plays multiple instruments.

Derek Byrne - Lead Vocals, Banjo, Hand Percussion, Harmonica
TJ Hull - Fiddle, Viola, Cello, Tin Whistle, Vocals 
Amanda Carretta Hull - Bodhran, Tin Whistle, Vocals
Peter Carlson - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Chara Fedke - Cajon, Bougaraboo

James Reese
Marina Ari Matson
Rosie Loughrin 

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Paddygrass Rehearsal Dinner

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